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Aerial perspective of semi-arid flora surrounding a salt lake.




I'm Elyssa Storey.

Impasto painter and photographer.


I grew up 36km north of Bathurst NSW on a small property, with my parents and three brothers. At the age of 18 I moved out of home, and since then I have spent the best part of 6 years living up life in the small Riverina town of Temora, NSW.​

I have been obsessed with art and creating from a very young age. As a 3-year-old I would sign my artwork by writing my name upside-down and backwards, all in one go! I was very lucky to grow up with and inherit my skills from fantastically creative Great-Grandparents on my Mum’s side and an incredible oil painter and leadlight pro for a Nan on my Dad’s side, (my Grandad is uniquely creative too, but let's say in a farmer sense). Naturally, this also meant both my parents had their own set of creative skills. I always had the freedom to explore all kinds of mediums from a young age. If I wasn’t too busy being the ‘responsible one’ of the four troublemakers, I would spend my free time dabbling with drawing, painting, mixed media art, ceramics, sewing, crocheting, digital art, welding, (more recently) leadlight and plenty more mediums. At the age of 16, I received my first point-and-shoot camera and would spend every afternoon after school, walking around the property taking photos, and capturing the many moments my fearless brothers would break themselves on dirt bikes, that’s if I wasn’t in hot pursuit of them! 😉 It wasn’t until I turned 21 that the big guns came out, and I found myself in a whole new world of photographing with manual settings. Over the years I had many different hobbies and interests however I would always find my way back to painting. While I have always been proud of the art I have created, it has taken me 24 years of life to settle on a form of art that I’m truly passionate about. When it’s right, it’s right.

Aerial perspective of a campsite on the hay plains with semi-arid flora.



My passion for agriculture also began at a young age. From helping my grandparents on their cattle farm near Wattle Flat, NSW, to spending up to 3 hours a day on a school bus, my imagination was constantly stimulated by the farming scenery. Although I had little experience of farm life, my strong rural background and open opportunities soon found me working on a farm in the Riverina, where I spent a few years gaining experience working with sheep, cattle and crops. This fuelled my desire to express my artistic mind, and it is where I found my creative freedom. I am ultimately inspired by the Australian rural landscape and all the variations the country has to offer. My work is dependent on my current surroundings which I find constantly changes as I am always on the move. I easily obsess over the agricultural seasonal changes and nature's seasonal changes. I attempt to depict the colours and feelings of the seasonal changes in the countryside, and the way the agricultural activities adjust accordingly, in my work. What captures my interest, in particular, is the beauty found in abstract shapes and unique colour combinations, much of which I aim to encapsulate in my art. Photography allows me to capture the passion I have for life, and painting allows me to express my feelings and emotional connection to the land.

An original painting by Elyssa Storey of a farmer staring into the distance of a blue stormy sky.



My biggest love is devoted to my partner Shaun, and our two kelpies, Tambo and Tooka. If I’m not spending my free time attempting to busy myself with 1000 creative projects at once, you can find the four of us scaling the countryside on various small to great ventures.


Every day I feel so lucky to be able to call Australia home and to be safe on its soil. I hope that in sharing my creations, I can influence you to be inspired by the way my creations allow you to feel. Art is so incredibly subjective, however, if you are as fulfilled and passionate about natural and agricultural Australia as I am, it’s possible you could fall deeply in love with my art.

To show my support for our country and all those who inhabit it, a small portion of each sale will be donated to a charity that is best represented by each piece of art. Click to read more.


It is important to me to be able to continue to capture this country in all its glory. This is why I have made it a personal goal to incorporate sustainable business practices in any way that I can, beginning with producing sustainably created art. I use zero VOC eco-friendly acrylic paints along with eco-friendly mediums and varnishes. All canvases used have FSC-certified sustainably sourced pine. While there will always be improvements to be made, I look forward to exploring the many ways I can utilise this practice in my creativity. 

Aerial perspective of salty landscape textures.



It means a lot to me to have you visit my website and read my story. If you would like to continue to support me, please follow my page on Instagram. Follows, likes, comments, shares and saves help to make me more visible on social media and make it easier for future customers to find me. You can keep up to date with new content, and feel free to share any posts that you love. I look forward to filling your future orders and I cannot wait to see your favourite works hung up on your wall!

Elyssa Storey Artist.
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